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Car Logo: Mazda

The Mazda history begins in 1920 then it there was a Tokyo Pith Factory. In 1927 it has started to make cars, and after the Second World War the company began to be called the Mazda.

In 1936 the logo in the form of the letter "M" made of wavy lines has been developed, this emblem has been made on the basis of a logo of Hiroshima. In 1962 logo has been changed, in a basis there was still Latin letter "M", but already not in horizontal, and a vertical composition.

In 1991 the emblem which is present at strongly changed kind now has been developed. According to founders, this emblem means wings, the sun and light circle. Modern logo of the Mazda name "owl" since stylised "M" looks as the extended wings — or as a head of an owl, but some see in a logo "tulip" for similarity is obvious.


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