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Audi A5: Black and White
Audi A5
Tuners like to play contrasts. A classical combination — black both white. Here and the new program of tuning of coupe Audi A5 of German studio Senner is executed in this style.

Audi A5 Senner Black and White the new bodi-whale with a forward spoiler, external mirrors, back both lateral weather-cloths and the back spoiler, executed of the titan has received. The Styling-package is supplemented with light-emitting diode back lanterns and massive 20-inch disks.

Tuning repair truck Senner has worked also over a suspension bracket, having completed with a sports exhaust system and having increased power of a 3,0-litre diesel engine to 300 h.p., the maximum twisting moment — to 600 Nm.

The maximum speed Audi A5 makes now 280 km/h.

Audi A5 Senner

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Audi A5: Black and White {tuning}