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Averaged Subaru Outback
In the autumn in the USA start sales of new model of the car which in many respects it is possible to name cult. Subaru Outback in due time became the pioneer in "race of crossovers". Japanese have invented the ideal formula of the whole class of the cars which number grows year from a year: the simple versatile person, but with the increased road clearance and pseudo-vnedorozhnym a plastic weather-cloth. It is that also new Outback 2010 modelling years.

It is constructed on the basis of last generation Subaru Legacy debuting in April on New York motor-show. For anybody not a secret: a sedan and versatile person Legacy of last generation it is difficult to name samples of ideal style. The bulky heavy forms, obviously accented wheel arches, a high profile is any more that "supercar" which was loved by admirers of a full drive from Subaru.

In new generation Legacy the emphasis is made not on technical innovations, and on other, deeper ideology: now Legacy — the family car for the manager of an average link who from the sky of stars does not suffice.

The car without claims: a fair daily vehicle.

Firm "the symmetric full drive", super-powerful motors in the car are perceived, as a certain atavism. The modular base exists for a long time and is ground by years why not to use these "travelled" motors once again.
Glory to designers, Outback it has turned out the most harmonious outwardly from all new family. However, the new generation has placed priorities: model 2010 urged not only to give to passengers of more space and to make their stay in salon comfortable, but also to keep orientation of the car to active behaviour to road.

Bargaining chip Subaru — still firm symmetric full drive Symmetrical AWD in all complete sets. The car is adapted under all three types of the engine, some of which modernised, and some have replaced. Have not managed and without work on check point modernisation — have added a new 6-step transmission and variator Lineartronic CVT.

The base variant in America is the 2,5-litre 4-cylinder engine giving out 170HP and equipped with system AVLS (i-Active Valve Lift System) which is responsible for timely lifting of valves. With this modifed engine there is in the complete set a new 6-step transmission, and also adapted variator CVT. It is first-ever it is longitudinal the located variator combined with a full drive.

Besides, there is an updating with a turbo-engine with working volume 2,5 litres. To the given engine to the complete set goes a new 6-step manual transmission to which should consult already with the 265-strong motor.
Subaru Outback

The motor industry of Japan is improbably hi-tech.

Absolutely new engine with working volume 3,6 litres became the third. The engine did not begin to season with the turbine so power — 256HP this 6-cylinder unit is combined with a 5-step automatic check point and it urged to replace in a ruler the previous 3-litre unit.

The new philosophy should bring Subaru new clients — those who considered these cars too sharp earlier, youth. However there is also "underside" — many admirers from a novelty will turn away, and not only because of design: change of priorities towards averaging frightens off them.

Europe waits new Outback. But, according to in European representation Subaru, it is not necessary to pay attention to the American model: for Europe prepare something especial. Time will tell...


Averaged Subaru Outback {turbo}