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Cabriolet on the basis of Murano
Cabriolet Murano
For the first time about a cabriolet on the basis of Nissan Murano it became known in the summer of 2008. It appears, the Japanese concern really develops the open version of a crossover and has not refused this project, despite economic difficulties. On it informs edition Inside Line referring to a source in the company.

Cabriolet Murano will receive a soft transformed roof which will allow to lower expenses by manufacture and car weight finally. The cabriolet unlike a crossover will be two-door.

In the technical plan all remains still: 265-strong 3,5-litre V6 with transmission CVT, a forward or full drive.

Cabriolet Nissan Murano will appear on sale by summer of 2010.


Cabriolet on the basis of Murano {Nissan}