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The Japanese bloggers develop tourism

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The regional authorities offer bloggers special rounds in exchange for reception of responses about local sights. Often sponsored by regional tourist associations, such rounds, as a rule, are very cheap, as from their participants it is required to place subsequently the detailed information on trips in the blogs.

«Similar rounds represent good chance to advertise our sights», — one of organizers has declared.

According to Yusuke Abe, the official responsible for assistance to development of tourist places of Management on tourism, rounds, basically, are on sale through travel agencies, but also growth of number of the rounds organised at local level is observed.

«These rounds represent a new kind of the advertising using ability of bloggers to transfer the information», — he has told, having added, that creation of such rounds and attraction to them of attention are necessary for stimulation of tourist branch.

The association of tourism of city Rishirifuji (island Risiri in sea of Japan, that to the West from Wakkanai), in the beginning of this year sponsored a three-day trip in cost of 10 thousand the yens, including also a transfer and residing provided that participants will share experience in the blogs.

«It should help tourist branch in winter, nonseasonal, the period», — the representative of association has declared. For attraction of the people living there where almost or snow does not lay at all, the association has aimed at bloggers of region Kanto who within several days have gathered in necessary group.

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Participants of this round have visited the basic sights of island, including tasting of seafood and walk on snowshoes on snow-covered wood. One of participants has written the following in the blog: «you can see Such tremendous places only here!». The Vakkanajsky association of tourism in the future plans to continue to sponsor similar winter rounds.
«We would like, that people who never knew island, have visited him and have shared the experience», — the representative of association has declared.
The tourist association of prefecture Niigata sponsors the similar rounds aimed at bloggers from other prefectures, since 2007 Participants of such rounds pay only the transport expenses. During travel they eat seafood and products of local agriculture, and also examine the basic picturesque places of Niigata.

«We are aimed at making our prefecture more known and to increase number of tourists through notes in blogs. We promote own appeal through the consumer point of view, instead of on the basis of the information which is given by ourselves», — one of representatives of association has declared. — «We welcome their opinions owing to their objective estimation».

Also similar rounds carry out prefecture of Gifu and city Amacho (prefecture Simane).
«The bloggers who have taken part in a trip became friends and have again visited here already together. It is unexpectedly favorable effect», — the official from the tourist association Amatyo offering three-day round free of charge has declared.

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