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Nissan represents crossover Skyline
Nissan Skyline
Autocompany Nissan has reported, that in the summer of current year in Japan start sales of "absolutely new" crossover Skyline. Actually in other world this car is on sale for a long time already under name Infiniti EX. The company yet does not open, what technical characteristics the Japanese version of model will possess, but does not stint epithets at the description of "rich" salon and "unique design" this off-road car.

On official data, crossover Nissan Skyline has received harmless engine VQ37VHR with system VVEL with hydraulic management of the feeder of gas and electronic control of a corner of opening of inlet valves. It is known, that the volume of this engine — 3,5 l, power — 330 h.p., and the maximum twisting moment is equal 366 Nm.

Nissan represents crossover Skyline {unique}