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Revival legendary Corvette
While enthusiasts worldwide it is individual or small batches revive retroprojects, «retro cars» do not disappear anywhere, that should please. One of such projects is born presently in company Super Glass Works bowels.

The car which is prepared by experts of the given company, is very similar to the well-known conceptual car of 1954 Chevrolet Nomad (other name Waldorf Nomad). It was piece experiment General Motors. Engineers of concern simply took and "have crossed" sports car Corvette and Chevy Nomad. Super Glass Works revives the legendary conceptual car in the form of project Superior 54 Sport Wagon which they will build small batches on the basis of Corvette C6. More precisely, the given sports car can be received in the form of the designer.

The buyer gets a tubular skeleton, stretcher Art Morrison with a forward and back suspension bracket from ะก5 and directly body. Further each customer at own discretion paints the car, equips an interior and selects the engine. According to experts Super Glass Works, their project perfectly "digests" V8 engines of manufacture Chevrolet.

The price of ready project Superior 54 Sport Wagon makes 125 thousand dollars. Similar versatile persons Corvette 25 pieces will be constructed only.

Revival legendary Corvette {retro}