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Counting upon Europe

Toyota Prius

On 79 motor show in Geneva company Toyota has presented new generation of hybrid car Toyota Prius.

"Hybrid" will be equipped with the newest petrol engine volume of 1,8 litres and power of 97 horsepowers. And for the aid to the engine, Japanese have equipped the electromotor, thus, total power of two power-plants has grown concerning the previous updating about 109 h.p. to 134 h.p.

In addition, the car the third generation during test tests in the USA has shown the real expense of fuel in 3,6 litres on 100 km of run, that on 10% is more economic, than at present model. Dynamic possibilities "Prius" too have considerably grown up, so, to 100 km/h the car is dispersed for 10,4 seconds.

Prius Toyota

And after all several weeks ago Toyota tested on prototypes blocks of economic batteries of different capacity for a choice of an optimum variant. Apparently, it was very important to them to keep up to the Geneva motor show, is closer to the future European buyers which number, by 2010 — should double and reach 80 000 persons.

Within the next several years Toyota plans to make an order of 150 new models with a hybrid drive. To updating will undergo both commercial motor transport, and cars of a high price category.


Counting upon Europe {updated}