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Ford to the first has declared an exit from crisis
Autoconcern Ford

Yesterday autoconcern Ford has declared to the first of large motor-car manufacturers the fast termination of crisis.

After the unprofitable period when sales Ford in February have decreased on 40% and have reached the bottom limit for the past of 100 years, management Ford predicts a steady annual gain of sales volumes not less, than on 20%. George Pipas, the leading expert in marketing of the company, speaks about fast launch both an automobile segment, and all economy of the United States as a whole, — writes edition The Independent. The worst behind, — is spoken by him. — In the second half of the year automobile sales will tend to increase.

However, for example, the automobile market of the Great Britain continues to incur losses. In May of sale have decreased on 24%, despite grants to automobile owners from the state. The similar situation is observed in automobile business of the majority of the countries of the world. On the losses for the last half a year was informed by autoconcerns: General Motors and Chrysler.

Thus, the question on a fast exit of automobile branch from crisis remains opened. It is possible to tell one: time will show, who has appeared the rights.

Ford to the first has declared an exit from crisis {tendencies}