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High-speed Audi S1 will present in Frankfurt

Audi S1

In October of this year in Belgium starts a batch production of the new car Audi A1, which German concern is intended to show on the international motor show in Frankfurt.

Some editions, not waiting the official premiere of a novelty, on the basis of hearings and the data have ventured creation of preliminary design of the "charged" version of compact model. While in Audi officially have not confirmed the information on an exit of the charged version of a novelty that has not stopped designers who have decided to simulate a prospective image of car Audi S1.

As writes Topspeed, most likely, under a car cowl there can be 1.4 l the motor from Volkswagen Polo GTi Cup Edition. It is not excluded, that power of the 178-strong engine will be increased in Audi to 200 h.p. that will allow model to be accelerated to 10 km/h for 6 seconds, and the maximum speed of the car will make an order of 250 km/h.

From standard Audi A1 the sports version will differ not only the engine, but also some details in an ex-terrier. So, the car should receive wider wheel arches, 19-inch disks, a back spoiler, little bit other registration of a forward part of a body.

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High-speed Audi S1 will present in Frankfurt {tuning}