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Mazda has developed a sports off-road car

Mazda CX-7

Company Mazda together with command Kesselman Motorsport has finished working out of a racing crossover on the basis of model Mazda CX-7 which has received the name "Russian Fleet". The prototype of this model has been presented in August of last year on the Moscow motor show, and now, at exhibition DreamCar Show the car ready to arrivals has been shown already completely.

From serial the car "Russian Fleet" differs easier body — developers managed to lower weight of a crossover with 1800 to 1500 kgs, and also the developed aerodynamic weather-cloth which increases clamping force by 10 percent. The four-cylinder turbo-engine in volume on this car develops of 2,3 litres power in 400 horsepowers, and the twisting moment has grown with 350 to 588 Nanometers. A transmission — mechanical, from European version CX-7.

Sport Mazda

On an assurance of developers, the maximum speed "Russian Fleet" will make 300 kilometres per hour, and to 10 km/h the car is dispersed for 4,6 seconds.

Besides the powerful motor, racing version CX-7 is completed by a professional adjustable suspension bracket with the road gleam reduced on 70 millimetres, more effective brakes with disks in diameter of 355 millimetres, the strengthened coupling and a back reducer, and also intellectual electronics. In an interior from the serial car there was only a forward panel, and that in seriously modernised kind, instead of back seats there was specially developed skeleton of safety, and lobbies have replaced with "ladles".

Mazda has developed a sports off-road car {turbo}