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Special version Fiat 500 Abarth Competizione

Fiat 500

Compact cars can cost much.

As, for example, Fiat 500. And can cost even more expensively. As, for example, new special version Fiat 500 under name Abarth Competizione. Release of this car is dated for an anniversary of repeated occurrence Abarth in the Dutch market. In honour of this doubtful anniversary the sports division of Italian autocompany Fiat has prepared the special version of the car. To be on sale the compact car, by itself, will be only in Holland.

Cost of the car which, by the way to tell, leaves in circulation of all in ten copies, will make 25 000 euros. We will remind, that standard Fiat 500 is on sale for 22 000 euros. The client receives all for this overpayment the same compact car, but with 17-inch wheel disks, satellite navigation, the conditioner, a bonus audiosystem, a roof painted in black colour, and an unostentatious strip on each side. That nobody has thought, that Abarth Competizione is the same Fiat 500, only in an easy make-up, and from racing heritage Abarth here anything is not present, the company suggests to replace a standard four-cylinder turbo-motor with power of 135 h.p. with the 160-strong unit. However, it will cost additional money.

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Special version Fiat 500 Abarth Competizione {updated}