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Tuning studio Carlsson has worked over diesel Mercedes GL

Mercedes-Benz GL

Experts from Germany dealt with a flagman off-road car of the Stuttgart company not once or twice.

Completions always were serious enough, but for some reason tuners preferred to increase "muscles" only to the most powerful V8 in volume 5,5 l. Omission is corrected: the turn of consumers of solar oil — versions GL 350 CDI and GL 450 CDI has come.

Thanks to an impudent aerodynamic weather-cloth tuning variant Carlsson GL RS it is visible far off. That there is one impressive lattice of a radiator plentifully flavoured with chrome, yes a logo of studio which has almost caught up in the sizes with round headlights.

Between internal and external full harmony. Diesel "six" 3.0 has received new "software" and the sports air filter that has lifted return with 224 h.p. To 269 "horses" and 612 Nm. Have in the same way trained also turbodiesel V8 4.0: the power gain has made 48 forces (became 354 h.p.).

And that the high off-road car felt on bends is better, it was necessary to lower the centre of gravity. The changed module of management of pneumosuspension bracket Airmatic has allowed to reduce a road clearance by 30 mm. In general, any discrimination if to compare to an upgrade of the petrol version. And the price of the complete set the acceptable: 18 200 euros for all.

Off-road Mercedes-Benz

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Tuning studio Carlsson has worked over diesel Mercedes GL {turbo}