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Volkswagen has decided to make electromobiles
The president Volkswagen

The chairman of board of directors Volkswagen Martin Vinterkorn has informed that autoconcern plans to begin mass release completely electric cars by 2013.

By estimations of the head of the company, in 2020 company Volkswagen can capture to 1,5% of the world market of electromobiles.

The first cars of the German manufacturer working exclusively on electric draught, will enter into ruler New Small Family. Within the next ten years the given innovation will replenish with models for various segments of the market. It is planned, that these cars will be focused on the most democratic circle of buyers.

To be engaged in release completely electric cars concern have induced new ecological requirements and the politician of the competitors for a long time developing this direction. Till now harmless workings out Volkswagen were limited basically to diesel decisions and hybrid cars. So, in May of current year "Volkswagen" has signed the contract with Chinese company BYD on a trial lot of electromobiles and models with the hybrid engine.

The first hybrid cars have appeared in the market almost five years ago. Toyota, Lexus and Honda in the market hybrid cars, however a share of such models actively enough advance is still smallest and makes about 0,2%.

Volkswagen has decided to make electromobiles {tendencies}