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Yellow submarine 370Z
Submarine 370Z

Company Nissan prepares for manufacture on the European market a new complete set of the sports car 370Z under name Yellow.

The car body is painted in colour Ultimate Yellow ("as much as possible yellow"). Design of a coupe 370Z Yellow have developed in the spirit of a racing series 370Z from European series GT4. The car is supplemented with cast 19-inch disks RAYS and the special drawing on each side.

Salon have finished with a black skin and suede and have equipped with navigating system, illumination of thresholds, special rugs, audiosystem Bose with 8 columns and CD-changer on 6 disks, heating of seats and the cruise-control.

The 3,7-litre engine of series VQ of 331HP works as power together with a 6-step mechanical transmission ("automatic machine" is accessible as an option). Dispersal to 100 km/h for 5,3 seconds, the maximum speed — 250 km/h.

In the Great Britain 370Z Yellow will start to sell in September, the version from a mechanical check point — for 31,65 thousand pounds ($51,95 thousand), with 7-step "automatic machine" — for 33 thousand pounds ($54,25 thousand).


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