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Opel will show in Germany the most economic Astra

Opel Astra

On coming nearer international automobile show in Frankfurt German company Opel will present new Astra, equipped with a ruler of economic engines.

Opel Astra became the tenth generation of cars of a compact class and the Car slightly will be offered with wide scale of engines in a range from 95 to 180HP has grown up, thanks to what has received more capacious salon.

The ruler of engines Astra with a mechanical transmission allows to reduce consumption of fuel and emissions CO2 more than to 12% in comparison with current generation of engines. Average consumption of fuel of four diesel engines in a range from 95 to 160HP on which almost half of sales new Astra in Europe, predictably, will have, makes 4,6 l/100 of km.

Average consumption of fuel of a lineup of petrol engines makes 6,1 l/100 of km. The new petrol engine in volume of 1,4 l and power of 140HP replaces the current motor in volume of 1,8 l, allowing to improve efficiency of consumption of fuel almost with 18%.

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