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Rolls Royce: paparazzi have again found the "Ghost" trace
Rolls Royce Ghost

"Baby" Rolls Royce Ghost just about will officially enter the rights of new serial model — to a car premiere there was any month.

To be polished in native walls and to expect, while deliver to the Frankfurt motor show so is not present, "British" drives about till now on vicinities of Germany.

New Rolls Royce yet "have not up to the end ground" a radiator lattice, and as a whole, lux-sedan is already ready to becoming someone's property. Judging by photos, serial Ghost will differ not strongly from the conceptual sample — 200 EX. Rolls Royce Ghost will keep the same back doors — of "suicide" (the doors opened against movement), the same aluminium cowl...

Rolls Royce

"Younger brother" Phantom will receive 6,6-litre turbo-motor V12 power of 570HP (780Nm), and in addition — 8-speed automatic transmission ZF. The maximum speed which "Ghost" is capable to develop is limited by electronics on a mark of 250 km/h, dispersal to hundred makes 4,7 seconds. Rolls Royce Ghost will appear on sale in Europe more close by the end of current year, and in other world markets — spring of 2010.

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Rolls Royce: paparazzi have again found the "Ghost" trace {turbo}