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Rubber firm Kumho has developed an off-road car

Kumho Fortis

South Korean company Kumho has presented the project of own off-road car received name Fortis and equipped with an electric power-plant.

As they say in the official press release, appearance of the car has been developed by designer Kumho and the former employee of the Turin design centre of Italian concern Fiat — Rob Dolton.

Bumpers, doors, a cowl, lobbies wings and a back part of a body of the car are made of the processed rubber, and movement an off-road car is carried out at the expense of four electric motors by power of 100 horsepowers everyone which are located in wheels. Energy electromotors receive lithium-ionic of the accumulators located under a floor in the central part of the car from the complete set.


Plans of manufacture of own off-road cars at company Kumho are not present.

The car has been created for demonstration of experimental tyre covers, drawing of a protector at which can change at will of the driver, button pressing in salon. For the best coupling with a covering on impassability the central part of a protector will fall slightly, opening metal "teeth". On an asphalt covering thorns to hide back.

Rubber firm Kumho has developed an off-road car {release}