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To the USA have presented Jaguar XJ 2010

Jaguar XF

Company Jaguar has presented luxury sedan XJ 2010 modelling years to the USA.

The car has borrowed many lines at model XF. Dimensions Jaguar XJ 2010 became more, in comparison with previous XJ, is closer to BMW than 7th series and new Porsche Panamera.

The car will offer buyers with traditional or with the extended wheel base. Also on a choice of the buyer there are three variants of 5,0-litre engine V8 with direct injection. Base model — power of 385HP, updating with a turbo-supercharging — 470HP, and the most powerful Supersport — 510HP.


Cost Jaguar XJ 2010 in the USA will make from $72,500 to $115,000US.


To the USA have presented Jaguar XJ 2010 {updated}