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Muammar Kaddafi has thought up the supercar

The Rocket

Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi has decided to celebrate 40-year-old anniversary of revolution with release of own supercar which has been developed according to wishes of the Libyan governor. As informs AFP, by request of Kaddafi Italian company Tesco TS was engaged in construction of the car.

The supercar has received name The Rocket, and the shape is developed Kaddafi.

The car it has turned out enough large — the dimensional length according to French edition Auto Plus makes 5,5 metres (it more than extended Mercedes-Benz S-Class), and the weight is equal 1,8 tons. About the engine of it it is not known yet, power — 230HP is known.

Prototype construction, according to representatives Tesco AS, has managed Kaddafi in 2 million euro. On possibility of mass or small-scale manufacture of such car it is informed nothing.

Muammar Kaddafi has thought up the supercar {unique}