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Official premiere McLaren MP4-12C


Company McLaren Automotive has officially presented the road supercar MP4-12C which earlier known under code designation P11 and is the first car of firm since legendary F1.

The car name consists of several parts: index MP4 designates chassis by "Formula-1" of a McLaren team, since 1981; figure 12 — the internal rating of the company showing a parity of parametres own superpenalty with competitors; letter C — designates that in a model design carbon is applied. On it informs the British edition Car.

McLaren MP4-12C has received the carbon chassis to which aluminium and special plastic body panels fasten. In a motor compartment of a novelty the eight-cylinder 3,8-litre engine with a corner of a camber of cylinders of 90 degrees and two turbines is established. Its capacity makes about 600HP, and the maximum twisting moment is equal 595Nm (80 which percent well already about 2000 rpm).

McLaren supercar

The motor begins to be aggregated with seven-step robotised transmission Graziano with two "wet" clutches and possibility of a choice of drives underwheel petals. According to preliminary data, with 0 to 100 km/h supercar McLaren will be dispersed approximately for 3 seconds. The maximum speed of the car will make 320 km/h.

Besides, the novelty has received an active rear spoiler which can act in a role of an air brake, the adjustable absorbers supervised by electronics, a full set of modern systems of active and passive safety, carbon-ceramic brake plates (will be offered as an option), wheel disks specially developed for the supercar with tyre covers Pirelli and doors opening upwards in style of cars Lamborghini.

Supercar McLaren

Also driver McLaren MP4-12C can choose one of three modes of behaviour of the car, each of which in a complex changes reaction to pressing of a pedal of gas, sensitivity of a steering, adjustment of system of stabilisation, speed of a gear shift and ruggedness of a suspender.

On sale supercar McLaren MP4-12C which is planned to exhaust in the limited circulation in one thousand copies, will appear not earlier than 2011. The car will arrive on the markets of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Europe, and also the Near East. In Great Britain car cost will make about 160,000 pounds sterling, and the novelty with Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo and Aston Martin DB9 will compete.

Formula-1 McLaren

Let's notice that company McLaren Automotive plans also include working out of two more models. One them them will make competition Porsche, and another will compete with BMW Z4 and Nissan 370Z.

Interior McLaren

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Official premiere McLaren MP4-12C {turbo}