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Suzuki has presented restyling of compact hatchback SX4

Suzuki SX

The Japanese company Suzuki has presented restyling of model SX4 in China.

Appearance of a compact hatchback with crossover elements has undergone cosmetic changes. On each side a front bumper there were flows over fog lights. A sedan, which sell in China and the USA (but not in Europe) has received modified rear optics. There was behind a small moulding on the fifth door.

Seats have upholstered with new materials, have changed the central extension housing. The North American version has received navigating system in a base complete set.

Engines and transmissions remained former since 2006. For model offer three petrol motors (1,5, 1,6 and 2,0-litre) and two turbodiesels (1,6 and 1,9-litre). Company Suzuki advertises the product as the car for middle class.