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Citroen has shown the first hybrid concept car

Concept car Revolte

On Tuesday on the Frankfurt motor show company Citroen has officially presented the conceptual car Revolte which appearance is created on motives of legendary model 2CV, received a nickname "the disgusting duckling".

Hybrid car Citroen Revolte

The car is equipped by the hybrid power-plant allowing the car to move as exclusively on electrodraught, and with use only an internal combustion engine. The concept car roof is covered by photogalvanic cells which support work of onboard electronics Revolte and do not allow to be discharged to batteries. At present detailed characteristics of a power-plant, including a stock of a course and time demanded on additional charge accumulators, are not informed.

Concept car Citroen Revolte

Citroen concept

On the overall dimensions the novelty is close to model C2 — the dimensional length Revolte makes 3,68 metres, width — 1,73 metres, and height — 1,35 metres. Thus in company Citroen have specified, that the concept car is not harbinger C2 of new generation or revived 2CV as for the similar car in mark scale in general there are no places and the batch production at present is impossible.

I will notice also, that in Frankfurt Citroen has presented model С3 of new generation and hatchback DS3 which after an exit on the market will make a competition to cars MINI and Alfa Romeo Mi.To.

Interior Citroen Revolte

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Citroen has shown the first hybrid concept car {Revolte}