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Jaguar is going to create five-door coupe

Brand Jaguar

Last years began fashionable to create the cars combining design of sedan and coupe, crossover and coupe, but the English concern has allowed imaginations of designers to come further away and plans to make for market Jaguar representing something an average between coupe, sedan and universal.

Five-door coupe from Jaguar

Novelty Jaguar defined as a five-door coupe, will be aimed at a competition to cars Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 5th series GT which in the market have today no worthy contenders. Under statement Leftlanenews, multidoor coupe Jaguar will replace car X-Type in a modelling number of the company, but it to happen not so soon as much would like.

It is expected, that designers at car creation will scoop inspiration, looking on conceptual car RD6 which has been shown for the first time in 2003, and also on new sedan XJ. The model will receive five doors, characteristic for coupe a roof line, a capacious luggage carrier and comfortable, magnificent salon, worthy the best representatives of grocery ruler Jaguar.

Jaguar — the car for millionaires

Not to cost to think, that the novelty will be cheap as the price can quite appear at level of many sedans of a business class, after all brand Jaguar expensive pleasure.

Compartments will construct on a platform of model XF and in a standard complete set the novelty will receive engine V-6 in volume of 2.7 l which among power units will adjoin to a couple of petrol motors. It is expected, that company Jaguar car will appear in the market not earlier than 2013.

Jaguar is going to create five-door coupe {Jaguar}