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Bentley prepares accessible models

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English motor-car manufacturer Bentley, whose sales because of financial crisis have fallen several times, with a view of expansion of client base plans to make two new budgetary models.

Bentley: universal & crossover

In five years in the automobile market should debut a universal and a crossover. The given models begin to be positioned as budgetary cars though their cost will be high enough. As writes Leftlanenews, the price of a universal and a crossover will make from $110,000 to $130,000 so get novelties provided enough people can to afford.

Both models, most likely, will construct on new platform Audi A6 of following generation. It is not excluded, that buyers of new production Bentley will have an opportunity to get a universal and a crossover with the diesel unit. All motors will join only with an automatic transmission.

Bentley for the poor

Manufacture "cheap" Bentley can already begin in 2014. It is supposed, that annually the company will collect an order of 7,500 copies of cars.

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Bentley prepares accessible models {universal}