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Hyundai will show in Geneva a prototype of a new sedan

Hyundai i-flow

South Korean company Hyundai has published the first image-tizer of the conceptual car i-flow which world premiere will take place on a motor show in Geneva, opening in the beginning of March of this year. As they say in a communique, Hyundai i-flow will give representation how the future serial sedan of a D-class will look.

Hybrid car by Hyundai

About a novelty while that in a car design modern workings out of concern BASF will be used is known only, including innovative easy materials of furnish and solar panels. At car creation in company Hyundai tried to lower as much as possible weight of the car and to achieve the best profitability. Under assumptions of some foreign editions, the concept car i-flow can be equipped by a hybrid power-plant.

New sedan Hyundai i-flow

When serial version Hyundai i-flow will appear on the conveyor, yet is not informed.

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