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Mercedes SLS AMG Matte Editions Launched in Japan
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Mercedes has unveiled the new SLS AMG Matte Editions - the replacement for the current SLS AMG for Japan.

The SLS AMG Matt Black Edition – only available as a roadster – comes with a designo Magno Night black exterior finish with a black soft top and red accents on the three-pointed star, grill fins, fin bonnet, fender fins, AMG Rear Emblem, 6.3 emblem and fuel lid. The interior has a two-tone color specification with Red/Black colors and the dashboard and door panels dressed in Nappa leather.

The Matte White special edition boasts the same setup, except the red accents found on the Matte Black edition are black on the Matte White edition. A clean white pinstripe highlights the black tires and the interior is elegantly done in a black and white motif. Further, carbon-ceramic brakes are available on both models as an option, but no particular modifications on engine were performed on either of the models.

The SLS AMG Coupe Matt in white costs 29 million Yen (US$366,400 / €293,500), while its Roadster sibling, 30 million Yen (US$379,000 / €303,500).

Press Release
Limited release the SLS AMG Matt Edition
limited number of special specification car mat paint body color (matte painting)
- contrast exterior paint shine by special metal parts
Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd. (President: Nicholas Speaks, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo), the super sports car "SLS AMG (coupe / roadster)" of the model dedicated to the AMG Mercedes matte painting of the setting and special (paintwork) will be released only through the authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer network across the country today that uses the metal parts of the special paint, the "SLS AMG Matt Edition".

This special edition car, announced in September last year, was well received your "SLS AMG Matt Black Edition (coupe)", "SLS AMG Matt Black Edition (roadster)" which continues to "SLS AMG Matt White Edition and we offer three models (coupe / roadster)."

"SLS AMG Matt Black Edition (roadster)" is, designo Magno Night black metal parts (three-pointed star, grill fins, fin bonnet, fender fins, AMG Rear Emblem, "6.3" emblem, fuel lid on the exterior of (Black Matte) Red was to paint), and then produce a unique and powerful exterior. The interior will be two-tone color specification sheet Furureza Classic Red / Black, with a sense of unity with the exterior Motaseru, texture enhanced by using the dashboard and door panels in nappa leather material also.

"SLS AMG Matt White Edition (coupe / roadster)" is, designo adopted (will be added door mirror covers the contents above) metal parts that are special paint in matte black on the exterior (white matte) Magno Cashmere White, The interior specification will be Furureza of porcelain / Black. In addition, these special equipment are assembled at the AMG Performance Studio as a model for Japan only.

AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension enhancing comfort and maneuverability electronically controlled damping force of the damper depending on driving conditions on all models, AMG performance steering (/ Alcantara ® leather), matte black paint AMG 10 spoke aluminum wheels (Matt Black Edition is the rim section is equipped with a red paint).

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