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Magnificent Rest On Luxury Yachts

Super yacht

For interested persons to test pleasure from travel on a yacht it is not obligatory to buy at once new or to search for a second-hand yacht. For this purpose there is a yacht charter — rent (freight) of a yacht with crew.

Features of Charter Business

Thus expenses on yacht service (it approximately 10% from cost of a new yacht), selection of a command or the regatta organization through Atlantic — all it not your problems. Luxury yacht is an ideal decision for those who wishes to float on a yacht of 1-2 weeks/Year. As a rule yachts undertake in charter-party with a week step.

Mega yacht

The most popular routes for summer charter of the big motor yachts — the Western Mediterranean: along coast of France, Monaco and Italy, from St. Tropez to Menton and further to Sardinia. Also are in demand cruises on East Mediterranean — near coast of Greece, Turkey and in Adriatic sea at coast of Croatia.

In charter-party of yachts are engaged charter-brokers. The charter broker should be the good psychologist, understand expectations and predilections of the client: to "adjust" a yacht completely corresponding to inquiries not only under the price, but also for conformity of a command, water entertainments and visitings of the most exclusive sports and cultural actions in cruise region. Only the mega broker can for you will provide mega yacht charter for all seas & oceans.

Luxury yachts

The good broker should know well yachts which he offers the client, their the technology characteristics and the basic set of interiors. Aerobatics in the business of super yacht charter is when the broker knows the owner or at least the captain of a yacht personally and can solve questions with them directly.

Super Yacht «Oculus»


Magnificent Rest On Luxury Yachts {yacht}