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Lotus Presented the 1st Hybrid Car

Lotus City Car

The British manufacturer of sports cars Lotus presented the first hybrid — the City Car Concept.

Compact Car by Lotus

It's the three-door four-seater compact car (1400 kg). Under a cowl the engine in volume of 1,2 l is established, and also in the rear is located the electric motor, the battery is under passenger seats. The general power 220HP, the twisting moment is equal 240Nm. The cruising range on an electricity makes 60 km.

BMW Z4 Vs Lotus City Car

According to Lotus chief designer, Wolf Zimmerman, the company searches now for the partner for a batch production of model since 2014. Also he told that the British motor-car manufacturer wants to create alternative of model of Aston Martin Cygnet and BMW Z4 Coupe.

Lotus Presented the 1st Hybrid Car {Wolf Zimmerman}