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Road Trends In the United States
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Trends of the US Driver's License

To get the drivers license in the USA simply enough. It's necessary to learn the rules book with traffic regulations of a US State and have examinations in any local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles or RMV — Registry of Motor Vehicles).

After examination to you hand over your 1st driver's license. In many US States there are more restrictions on driving with the first driver's license. As a rule, with such rights it's forbidden to drive a car if on a passenger place someone does not sit with the true driver's license.

Texas vs Utah: Where the Motor Faster?

Traffic regulations differ from State to State. Even road signs in different US States can differ. Nevertheless, the general essence of rules remains more or less identical. For example, for the drivers license have a three month's test period, but for the Utah's drivers only one.

Here I will cite as an example the examination cards. In the Utah State, the future driver at the time of examination is required to answer the ticket consisting of 36 questions. Plus to it the additional ticket only about the road signs. The signs isn't worry for me, because I have the absolute DRIVER KNOWLEDGE. But, if someone considers that questions on signs too can be a difficult — to study, study and study, drive the car isn't joke!

Practice & Practice — For Your Driving Trends!

After a while of the driving practice (usually, after one month, but can depend on a State) — the time of test and only after this, if you have a clear driving test — the true drivers license, for you, the real!


Road Trends In the United States {Utah}