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BMW Performance


The All-new BMW M3

Today, BMW’s Performance Driving School is rolling out a website re-design by ad agency partner Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners (kbs+). This intense driving experience promises to be one of the most exciting to date with a new, interactive “hot lap” video showcasing the all-new BMW M3 and five “mini lessons” available along the way. The videos were also produced by the agency.

The videos take users around the course at maximum speeds and offer professional driving tips for a taste of the real Performance Driving School experience – not to mention the adrenaline rush. It's designed to show how BMW’s trained driving instructors, who amass years of experience in racing, stunt driving and training secret service agents, transform everyday drivers into Ultimate Drivers by teaching them to handle the power and performance of BMW vehicles.

The updated site highlights the range of programs and price points available, making the BMW experience accessible to enthusiasts of all levels, from racers, to car-lovers, to off-road motorcyclists. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at performance driving like it’s never been viewed on the web, and it’s an experience designed to be shared among the brand’s fans and target audiences to bring the Performance Driving School experience to social media channels.

Test-drive: BMW M3 GTS


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