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Honda discloses the cost of Acura MDX

Acura has informed on the beginning of sales of the updated version of crossover MDX 2010 modelling years. The minimum cost of the car in the United States makes 43,040 dollars, including gathering for car delivery.

Updated crossover Acura MDX

The updated crossover is equipped with the 3,7-l petrol engine power of 300HP and the twisting moment in 366Nm. One type of transmission is offered only: automatic 6-step. In separate complete sets gear change possibility in a manual mode is provided. The fuel expense makes, 14,7 l/100 of km in a city cycle and 11,2 l/100 of km in the country agree to data of the manufacturer.

Appearance of the car was considerably updated. Acura MSX receives the new lattice of a radiator brightly reflecting new corporate style of mark. Bumpers, back optics, design of wheel disks, and also the chromeplated nozzles are changed to exhaust pipes. In salon of changes it is not less. Illumination of devices and keys on the forward console became light-emitting diode, the combination of devices also is improved. There was also a possibility of installation of the improved forward armchairs equipped not only heating, but also ventilation. The wheel has changed also.

Acura MDX 2010

In the base version equipment became much richer, that, however was a little reflected in cost. Now the electric drive of a door of a luggage compartment, a rear-view mirror enters into the minimum obligatory equipment with automatic blackout, the assistant at the movement beginning on lifting Hill Start Assist. The screen displaying a picture from the chamber of the back review also is built in a rear-view mirror: the similar mirror is completed in the base version, and in complete sets with navigating system (which screen is used by a rear-view camera) — a usual mirror.

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Honda discloses the cost of Acura MDX {updated}