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The second generation of Honda Element

Honda Element

Crossover Honda Element did not become the leader of sales, on what the Japanese manufacturers counted. However Honda has decided to give the second chance to a crossover, having created completely new model. Honda Element has appeared in the market in 2003.

Crossover Honda Element will live!

John Mendel, vice-president Honda, has told that occurrence new Honda Element in exhibition salons is connected with desire of the company to continue manufacture of the given car. Specialised cars recover our brand a little, — he has added.

According to initial internal plans, Honda expected to realise 75,000 cars Honda Element in a year. However even in the first year the break-even sales level remained at level of 67,500 units. Subsequently break-even sales level Honda Element continued to decrease, having reached 13,500 cars this year.

2010 Honda Element

Involving visitors in own salons, representatives Honda do not share the detailed information on new model Honda Element. Presumably official release of the car will be dated for seventh anniversary of release Honda Element.

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The second generation of Honda Element {updated}