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Honda has presented the promised CR-Z

Hatchback CR-Z

Honda Motor has presented new hybrid hatchback CR-Z. By means of Honda CR-Z the Japanese motor-car manufacturer hopes to return the former popularity which peak has happened in 1991 after release CRX.

Hatchback Honda CR-ZAt first sight, in CR-Z echoes CRX and even original hybrid Insight are looked through. However critics have been a little disappointed by specifications Honda CR-Z. The car has 122HP and only 173Nm.

Hybrid hatchback Honda CR-Z

CR-ZThe car is equipped 1,5-l VTEC by the 4-cylinder engine with integrated Motor Assist, and also a 6-step mechanical transmission which will go complete with an expected variator.
Expense CR-Z will make 6.53 l/100 of km in a city and 6.19 l/100 of km on highway.

Honda CR-Z

Interior Honda CR-Z

As it became known, release CR-Z is planned for the summer period of 2011.

2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid

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Honda has presented the promised CR-Z {release}