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Modernised Corolla Rumion

Corolla Rumion

As a result of car modernisation began to possess higher ecological characteristics, more economically to consume fuel; besides, their design has got even more sports character underlining individuality Corolla Rumion.

Super eco CVT-I

Achievement of ecological compatibility and more economical expense of fuel became real thanks to a combination of the engine of new generation with variator Super CVT-I therefore consumption of fuel of front-wheel drive vehicles (1.8) began to make 16.6 km/l, and all-wheel drive cars — 15.0 km/l. At cars with the 1.5-l engine fuel consumption reaches 16.6 km/l.

As to changes in appearance Corolla Rumion, the forward bumper and a radiator lattice, and also design of a back part and the back combined headlights were updated. Aluminium wheels of new design are equipped with caps of wheels. Cars are presented in 7 colour variations, including, in new colour Cool Soda Metallic.

The salon of the updated cars is equipped with sports seats and a forward armrest (some complete sets). The design of the panel of devices has undergone some changes that has given to cars more high quality shape.

Besides, some changes have happened in a ruler of cars: there were complete sets 1.5X AEROTOURER and 1.8L 1.8X. Cars Welcab intended for people with limited physical possibilities, have got the same changes, as base cars.

2011 Corolla Rumion

In company plans to sell 1,500 copies updated Corolla Rumion for a month. The prices — within 1,690,000-2,329,000 yens (cars Welcab — 1,763,000-2,247,000 yens).

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