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Roadster Lexus LF-A

Cabriolet Lexus LF-A

In spite of the fact that release Lexus LF-A has been limited by only 500 copies, recently the given car is one of the most popular supercars. Though LF-A it's rather popular in a body «coupe», hearings about creation of roadster LF-A soar in air throughout already several months.

Lexus LF-A Roadster

Lexus still has officially declared, whether LF-A will be issued as a roadster, but on the Internet there were some images... About popularity of a coupe Lexus LF-A says also that fact, that all 165 Lexus LFA, intended for Japan, have been bought within 3 months from the moment of a car debut. If intended for the foreign markets 335 LF-A, will be bought up also quickly, Lexus becomes one of the most sold cars who have ever been made.

Supercar Lexus LF-A

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Roadster Lexus LF-A {roadster}