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Last Sedan of Civic Type R

Civic Type R

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Declares intention to stop manufacture of model Civic Type R with a 4-door body. Henceforth, in the series of Type R for Civic, will remain only the hatchback. Last sedan will be collected in Japan in August. However, the version made in the Great Britain with a 3-door body of other design — will receive updating.

Civic History

For the 1st time Civic Type R has appeared in 1997, during this period, manufacture of cars was based on car factory Sudzuki in Japan.
Following manufacture of model has been moved to the Great Britain on car factory in the city of Swindon (county Wiltshire).
Assemblage of 3rd generation of Civic Type R has again returned in Japan, and in the Great Britain have adjusted release of the version with the European design of a body. Now, after the assemblage termination in Japan, in manufacture will remain only the hatchback.

Simultaneously with the message about phase-out of 4-door Civic Type R Honda Motor has informs the info on preparation of special series Civic Type R Euro especially for Japan. Ex-terior design updating, and also interior completion becomes the main change.

The sales start date of updated Civic Type R Euro will be declared later.

Honda Civic Type R Euro

Honda Civic

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Last Sedan of Civic Type R {Type R}