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Nurburgring Package for Lexus

Supercar Lexus

Lexus LFALexus has decided, that 500 copies are too much for a supercar, and has prepared even more limited series of the LFA. A special series is limited by 50 copies and is called Nurburgring Package.

Limited Nurburgring Package

The car of the limited series is allocated with an external racing bumper. Also, supercar has received a sports suspension bracket (though difficultly to present, that it can be even more sports), +10HP, and gear change time are reduced to 50 milliseconds.

Orange Lexus

LFA Nurburgring Package is accessible in white, black and orange colouring. Package cost: $70,000US, base cost of the car — $375,000US.

Supercar Lexus LFA by Top Gear

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