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Toyota has updated of Mark X Zio

Toyota Mark X Zio

Toyota company carried out modernisation of some complete sets of cars Mark X Zio.

240 Five Style for Mark X Zio

Simultaneously for sales arrived the new 5-seater complete set with the 2.4-litre engine — 240 Five Style. All novelties appeared on sale on July, 28th.

As a result of engine modernisation, the expense of fuel at the cars equipped with the 2.4-litre engine, reached values in 13.2 km/l. Such high indicator of efficiency of consumption of fuel allowed to lower the tax to the updated cars by Toyota.

Cars of a new complete set 240 Five Style give more spaces for luggage storage, thus this allows to improve operational characteristics of these cars. Besides, they are offered at the attractive price in 2,490,000 yens. Cars Welcab underwent the same changes, as well as base cars. The prices for updated cars Mark X Zio vary within 2,490,000-3,440,000 yens (with tax).

Test Drive: Toyota MarkX ZiO

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Toyota has updated of Mark X Zio {updated}