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Company Porsche has told about novelties

Porsche 911

Company Porsche for the next four years practically completely will update own lineup.

Porsche Cayenne in new design

Off-road car Cayenne of new generation becomes the main novelty of next year. It is expected, that this model will receive new design of a body, than the predecessor, and also new engines with direct injection of fuel. In the same 2010 the big hatchback Panamera will get six-cylinder petrol and diesel motors.

2011 for Porsche becomes year of hybrid cars — at first the hybrid power-plant will appear on off-road car Cayenne, and hardly later and on model Panamera. And it is not excluded, that Porsche intends to make hybrids with two variants of engines.

In the summer of 2012 on the market should leave sportcars 911 new generations. It is supposed, that the novelty hardly becomes longer than the predecessor and will receive the new chassis.

In a year Porsche plans to present the small crossover unified with Audi Q5, and also new family expensive sportcars — coupe and cabriolet which will be positioned on a step above family 911.

Porsche is intended to sell more

As new director Porsche Michael Macht, in some years earlier declared, company Porsche will double sales volumes — with 75- to 150,000 cars a year. As he said, to make it lineup expansion, and also start in manufacture of family inexpensive sportcars will help.

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Company Porsche has told about novelties {updated}