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ASI will develop a tuning ruler especially for Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Company ASI has officially declared creation of a new brand under which tuning accessories for hybrid cars and first of all for Prius will be issued.

ASI Green for Green Cars

The manufacturer of tuning components company ASI has extended the message in which it is spoken about new mark of components — ASI Green. As it is possible to guess, proceeding only from the name, it is a question of tuning of "green" cars, the main thing from which, in view of special popularity and sales volumes remains Toyota Prius.

The aerodynamic bumper though for certain it is not known is already developed for the Japanese hybrid, whether can improve a bumper aerodynamics of the car and thus lower the fuel expense, or the styling was the creation purpose only. The package structure included the modified bumpers and overlays on thresholds.

Besides, it is offered to individualise salon by means of sports armchairs, furnish of the forward console and to that of the similar components which till now have been not extended among hybrid cars. Certainly, on a choice many variants of exclusive wheels from catalogues of several manufacturers, and also own workings out are offered.

Besides external tuning ASI Green assumes also technical improvement. For Prius the reprogrammed blocks of management of a hybrid power-plant are already accessible.

ASI Green it's full tuning determination

The company asserts, that Prius though is a priority at present, becomes completely not unique object of the appendix of efforts of designers and engineers. ASI Green means tuning of "green" cars as those and already in the near future promises to make some novelties, a detail about which does not open.

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ASI will develop a tuning ruler especially for Toyota Prius {unique}