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Jaguar Represents a Farewell Series of Cult Cars Daimler

Jaguar Daimler

Jaguar represents last special series Daimler. Respectability, aristocraticness, technical perfection and unsurpassed comfort — an embodiment of these concepts on an extent more than is hundred years this well-known British car.

Company Daimler on special honour at Royal family

The history of legendary mark has begun in 1896 and since then inseparably linked with development of the automobile industry of the Great Britain. On Daimler for the first time there were transmissions and portable radio receivers which have allowed to speak about comfort of the driver. Cars not only met the requirements some exacting public, but also underlined the high status and faultless taste of the owner. In first half of XX-th century company Daimler was the exclusive supplier of cars for the British Government and members of Royal family, including George V. Throughout all history of existence Daimler did not cease to win heart of true judges of beauty and elegance, remaining the sample of English luxury and style.

Cooperation Daimler and Jaguar has begun in July, 1960 when Daimler became company Jaguar Cars part. On the basis of model Jaguar XJ of the richest complete set has been created exclusive Daimler. Thanks to merge of technologies and luxury there were cars which are many years the standard of cars of a representation class.
To last version of legendary mark precede: Daimler V8 250, Daimler DS420, Daimler Sovereign, Daimler XJ40, Daimler X308. Cars of mark Daimler are the indisputable absolute of luxury.

Daimler Jaguar

Interior Daimler

Luxury Daimler

This year last time in history it is made only 180 collection cars Daimler Super Eight.

Exclusive version Daimler

Each car has a serial number confirmed with the nominal certificate, and is marked by the special badge Final Edition designating limited release. The exclusive high-quality materials united with the newest technologies, create sensation of unique comfort: panels of furnish from a tree of a walnut with inserts from the box processed manually, an exclusive skin of manufacture Softgrain, rugs from the sheep wool, a traditional lattice of a radiator with a letter «D» with a flying curl which also is engraved on the handle of a luggage carrier and headrests of seats. All these elements in a combination to an aluminium body, the powerful engine 4.2 Supercharged and modern technologies create unique expressive shape Daimler.

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