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Bugatti has prepared three conceptual variants of new model

Concept Bugatti

On Tuesday company Bugatti has officially confirmed the information appearing earlier on a debut on automobile in Frankfurt the conceptual version of new model.

Thus, as the head of firm Franz-Josef Paefgen has declared in interview to edition Autocar, this car will be only one of three variants prepared Bugatti for display to clients and gathering of their responses.

Besides it, Paefgen has denied hearings that Bugatti will be constructed on a platform of sedan Bentley Mulsanne which is the successor of model Arnage and for the first time has been presented last week at festival Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. "New model Bugatti has absolutely other sizes and other concept. In general, it is difficult even to find any similarities with Bentley. Besides, Bugatti it was developed as the exclusive car with volume of release no more than 150 pieces, therefore for this car absolutely other materials and technologies" will be used, — has declared Paefgen.

As it was informed earlier, new model Bugatti will receive the same engine, as supercar Veyron, namely: eight-litre motor W16 with four turbines, developing 1001 horsepower. It is expected, that to "hundred" such car can be dispersed approximately for 3 seconds, and the maximum speed will make 402 km/h.

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Bugatti has prepared three conceptual variants of new model + tech