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In Germany have invented a new type of transport

Magnetic transport

German designer Christian Fyorg has developed magnetic transport of the future.

Speedway Transport System it is created on the basis of idea of a children's toy — lines with contact lines energised which current collectors of the machine with the electric motor concern. And the author suggests to move the engine under a road cloth. The network of linear electric motors creates a magnetic field which pushes away the mobile part of system located on a vehicle.

The designer offers two modes of movement: city, with use of the small electric motor, and country, by means of contactless technology of linear motors.
In a city the car height increases, and the width — decreases. In the country, for the purpose of decrease in aerodynamic resistance the car as if "lays down" on road.

At driving on a hi-tech cloth accumulators also can be charged, therefore at frequent country trips the electromobile will be always ready for inclusion of the usual electric motor in a city.
In what sum re-equipment of 1,000 km (as a matter of fact will manage — creation anew) high systems, is not mentioned.

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In Germany have invented a new type of transport + tendencies