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New creative strategy of autoconcern BMW
In new communication strategy of a German motor-car manufacturer on the foreground the pleasure and fun are put forward.

The art project on the occasion of release BMW Z4 «Expression of Joy» became one of the first pleasure expression: the sidewalk artist from republic of South Africa Robin Rod has transformed the car into a brush and has drawn on a huge canvas the vision of pleasure from management BMW Z4.

Comic spot «Jump For Joy» already the second roller of new campaign. Comment BMW to a roller on YouTube says: «When you look at car BMW, your heart starts to jump with joy. And not only heart». The spot shows, as happy owners BMW are kneaded before jumping in the car, literally this word.
Slogan: Jump for joy. Joy is BMW.

The pleasure is BMW

First "joyful" TV explains spot BMW, why the motor-car manufacturer has replaced the creative concept: «We have understood for a long time, that that we force people to feel, it is much more important than all that we for them mean. In BMW we not simply create cars, we create pleasure

Creative concept BMW

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New creative strategy of autoconcern BMW + spot