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Hummer H3 & H3T [eco version]

Off-road car H3

Legendary HUMMER H2

Company Hummer has informed, that off-road car H3 and pickup H3T 2010 have received besides three new variants of colorizing of a body — silvery, grey and red "metallic" — the modernized engine on more harmless fuel.

Eco off-road Hummer H3

5,3-l V8 can work both on usual gasoline, and on bio-ethanol E85 or any combination of these kinds of fuel. Power of the engine: 300HP. The prices on H3 2010 m. of in the USA will begin from $33,390. Pickup H3T in a base complete set begins to be on sale for $30,915. In the dealer centers cars will appear in December, 2009.

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Hummer H3 & H3T [eco version] + pickup