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Fine Mini in the anniversary art project
Swiss branch Mini within the limits of celebrating of the fiftieth anniversary of the car has started the art project "Wash Me".

Art project MINI

The idea of the project was born thanks to passion of children and simply cheerful citizens to write on dirty cars any different expressions concerning necessity of a trip on a car wash. And consequently Mini it has been decided to soil highly artistically.

Ten artists have been involved in the project and designers who have decorated cult cars how they wanted. To go by such cars, certainly, it will not turn out — the review became too small. But they will be organised in an anniversary exhibition, and also the book "Mini Wash Me" in which photos of the turned out works of art and how over them worked are presented is published.

Art project MINI

Compact car MINI


Anniversary art project MINI

The artists invited to the project, never worked till this moment with cars, it was more interesting to that to participate. Smash137, Fabian Bertschinger, Marisa Pichler and Gigi Burn, Tika, Euro, Aurèle Sack, Stefan Ege and Seak, August, Rémi Jaccard and Dieter Meier have presented vision Mini as art object. The book is published by the limited circulation in 2000 copies, will get to fans of mark and collectors.

Special paints and other materials for the project were given by company Krink. And the owner and artist Craig "KR" Costello has acted in film in a separate preview trailer.
On site Mini Wash Me it is possible to read more in detail about artists, and also to see how new cars have been created.

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