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The car on a podium near a casino — what is it?

Casino royale

All activity of a casino submits to standard laws of business. Thus the integral condition of successful long-term functioning of a casino is high degree of integration of technologies of management.

The Purpose №1 — the Hazardous Client

First of all, it's a complex of the actions undertaken by a casino for deduction and expansion of the client base at the expense of formation and maintenance of high level of satisfaction of the players. Is obvious, that for successful development in the conditions of competitive struggle each casino should introduce effective business strategy in this area.

The set of functions of modern control systems of a casino is rather extensive. Internal processes of work of a casino personify the progressive ideas of electronic control by business, simultaneously combining universality, functionality, reliability and safety, both for players, as and for the casino.

Live Marketing of the Car Dealers

The prize-winning car is, perhaps, the most powerful stimulus for players. The lucky car, luxury prestigious model, sparkling in all magnificence on a podium near a casino, is capable to entice not only skilled hunters behind good luck, but also many usual visitors who often for the first time have appeared in a gambling institution.

Usual practice is when the car is given by the automobile dealer on the conditions defined for a casino. Often, for the right to expose the car on a podium near a casino, the automobile dealer should pay considerable money, to 10% from car cost.

Thus, the car dealer, giving the car as a prize, saves on advertising the solid budget sometimes equivalent to car cost. For a casino it no more than essential possibility to involve new clients. The automobile lottery in each casino is carried out by the internal rules, it's a lottery in which all players having lottery tickets take part. Thus the system of distribution of tickets is interesting enough and aimed first of all at encouragement of "valuable" players.

Lottery tickets can hand over as a consolation for loss, or as an additional prize for a prize. Also in large and popular casinos similar tickets can simply hand over to new happy clients.

Car Chase — Casino Royale

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The car on a podium near a casino — what is it? + prize