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In 21st century of a casino function practically worldwide, basically in places attractive to tourists: Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Milan, various seaside and island resorts.

Dreams & Trends

The majority of modern players come to a casino to win money. As a rule, it is people with higher education and rich enough. However, 57% of people want also entertainments. In Australia of a casino have been legalized in 1970, and now 14 casinos annually fill up the state treasury on 2 billion Australian dollars. In the USA of a casino are legalized in 24 states. Today, the American gaming is the largest gambling show business in the World.

Modern casinos make the big efforts for leisure of clients, giving set of high quality entertainments with a full spectrum of rest services. Especially magnificent casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Today the mankind has understood — prohibition of gamblings simply leads to opening of illegal casinos. In Ancient Rome in gamblings it was possible to play only within one week in a year, during holidays. However it did not keep the Roman players who continued to play in private houses and brothels. Even introduction of penalties for too hazardous players has led to acceptance by Romans of the law on the use instead of coins of the engraved disks named medallions.

Today the states any more do not forbid a casino. They prefer to supervise them as gamblings are a large source both local, and the national income.

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