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Opel Meriva (compact minivan)

Opel Meriva

Opel Meriva is a family car, capacious, compact, convenient and functional. The five-door body with a high roof represents a unique combination of the compact sizes and the big internal space. Volume of luggage one of the greatest in the car class (350-560 l). To passengers is presented a three spacious seats, easily transformed into even more spacious two armchairs.

2011 Opel Meriva

For a make any trip rather comfortable, 2011 Opel Meriva have a climate control, the multimedia system AutoVision, two hatches in a roof with electric drives, a set of face-to-face and lateral airbags and many other good things.

2011 Opel Meriva
New Opel Meriva
Meriva 2011

Opel Meriva can be equipped 1,6 or 1,8-litre engines developing power from 84 to 125HP, to facilitate a parking, Opel Meriva is equipped by ParkPilot system. Opel Meriva is an up-market car of safety (by results of EuroNCAP).

New Opel Meriva: Promo Review

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Opel Meriva (compact minivan) + unique